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Long ago in Merrie Olde England, the symbol of a pig and whistle was a tavern sign derived from "Piggen wassail". The pig and whistle was used as a tavern sign because many people were unable to read. The pig represented meat or food in general, and also, a drinking cup. Whistle is referred to in early Anglo-Saxon as the mouth or throat. Hence the expression "Wet your Whistle" and today the meaning of the words "PIG-N-WHISTLE" is good BBQ and beverages served in comfortable surroundings.

PIG-N-WHISTLE restaurants in Memphis now draw their name from the original PIG 'N' WHISTLE restaurant. Operated for decades at 1579 Union Ave., this popular meeting spot specialized in Memphis BBQ and ribs. In addition, you could order your meal from the attentive car hops a la curb service. The Buzz then was..."Always The Place To go After Dance or Show!"

Millington "PIG-N-NWhistle" opened in 2004. This building was originally a general store. Cotton was traded here. The cotton gin was located across the street just below the railroad tracks. The building was constructed circa 1800. The bricks used in the original construction were salvaged from the hull of a disabled riverboat. it is rumored that Elvis had a Double Cola and sandwich on the front porch in the 50's, when this little community was known as Kerrville

Menu items include our famous Idaho Pig, Fried Green Tomatoes, Fried Dill Pickles and Hickory Smoked Ribs!

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